Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sweet... Serene...Saturday...........NOT!

Didn't I say "more photos next time????" Well... I took over 250 photos on Saturday alone. I pared them down... but not much!

So the plan for Saturday was... get in as much as we can and go, go, go!! Well... as fate would have it, things were a little stressful and overwhelming for some of us... and so we opted for a more low key and relaxing Saturday.

Daddy and Frances wanted to take us downtown and do the trolley rides... see downtown Memphis... and eat at the Spaghetti Factory. As much as I love pasta (and can literally eat it every single day without every getting tired of it) I was afraid that the heat would be too difficult on Ali. We thought of going to the park... nothing really sounded like it would be a "good" idea. They thought of an early dinner or a late lunch... but we also have to keep in mind the Sara/medicine issue. No food 2 hours before and 1 hour doesn't really sound like a big deal until you begin to try and go through REAL LIFE. At any rate... I wanted to do what was going to be best for Ali...and still fun, so we decided to just hang out at the house and meet up for a fun filled dinner at Osaka.

The kids had such a blast just being at Dolly's house! They are such easy children to please! They really are... and I find myself thinking how very blessed Tim and I are to have such wonderful, pleasant, kind and loving children. (Yes... I am bragging. They were such great travelers... and they made me very proud!)

Later in the day, Daddy, Frances and Kelsey came back over... and we headed out to dinner. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! The kids were in a trance most of the time. It was really fun to watch them watch the cook!

Afterwards... one of my favorite things... we had ICE CREAM. YUM YUM. Gotta love that Maggie Moos! No photos... I was busy eating. (I had promised it to anyone that would go down the big slide at the pool. Everyone tried, but Rachel. She was completely terrified. BUT... she handled it with dignity and grace, and no tears. So Ice Cream for all!)

Then we headed back to Dolly and Uncle Chad's house. The Stanley Cup finals was on TV... and we all sat around just laughing and talking... which is one of the things that we ALL do best.

It was really wonderful for Sara to get to meet everyone... and to just spend this time with them learning who they are - and how she fits into this crazy and high-spirited family! Bless her heart... she giggled so much her belly was hurting.

It was a wonderful day... and the kids had a blast. I went to bed completely exhausted... but in a good way. We really had so much fun!!