Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010

The new year began with a "family" lunch at Cheddar's in Lexington! Aunt Carol and Unlce Joe drove over from Louisville to see us. We sat and ate...and ate...and apparently had several glasses of iced tea. I think all I did that meal was run kids to and from the bathroom! It was a nice visit - and gave us a chance to say goodbye to Mom and Dad before they headed back out to Arizona where the WARM weather waited for them. Apparently this is about the time I lost my memory card... because after January 1st, I don't have any more photos until February. Either that.. or we were snowed in.....? At any rate...this is my way over due January post. :)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Year End Shots

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the end of 2009! They are mostly family shots... but I had to include one of my dear Sweet Molly in here as well. Her last birthday phot with me...she turned 11 on December 28, 2009. If I had known that this would be our last real photo together, I would have made her pose a little. She was such a nervous Nellie - and the cat was in the house.

My neighbors (who I always defended to Tim and Cory) have ruthlessly told me how vicious this sweet dog was. If they had only known...... Molly was afraid of Picabo, Rocky (our rabbit) and especially Bob! Maybe if they had known - they would have been fonder of her. Who knows?

When she passed away, Tim and Cory and I debated long and hard about where to bury her. We ended up settling on a space outside of the dog pen, close to Jodi's Sweet Shelby. Her head and heart are facing towards the house...
Her rear end...?? Well... it's pointed towards the neighbors house! ;)

'Nuff said!! (Don't judge me... I had to find whatever humor I could during the time. This was my form of dealing with things...) ;)