Thursday, August 31, 2006

And then there were three!

When Tim and I began this journey of parenthood... I never realized how rewarding, overwhelming, challenging and addictive these little ones could become. It wasn't long after bringing the girls home that we began discussing adding more children! (Despite all the adjustments - and they were plenty!) We decided that THIS time we would get a little baby - and would surely avoid the possibility of any additional adjustment issues. We were so much smarter this time... "seasoned" parents... so to speak. Isn't it funny how God always knows exactly what we need - in spite of our valiant efforts to control every aspect of our lives??? I got an email - sort of a casual note - with information about a precious little boy... but the attachments of his photos would not download at our house! That was such a long night!!!! The information was that he was a little older - very sweet... and really laid back. (I wonder now what child they were describing... he IS sweet... but....laid back is not the word that I would use to describe my son!) Needless to say - the next day those photos could not download fast enough. Who could look at this precious baby - with those big brown eyes... and not love him in an instant? McCaleb came home to his FOREVER FAMILY on April 26th of 2006. He has been a bright spot in all our lives. He adores his sisters... and spends his days trying to get into as much of their "stuff" as possible. He has been home only 4 months... and I am amazed each and every day by his wonderful personality, his extremely big heart... and his beautiful smile. God is so good! We never (NEVER) set out to adopt toddler, after toddler, after toddler. But the blessings have flowed, and flowed, and flowed... and there seems to be no end with these three. God's Precious Blessings... Precioso Benedicions de Dios!!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where do I begin....?

I seem to be at a loss for words (...hush...) on this journey called Motherhood. It has been the most amazing experience of my life...and the most difficult. Those who have been at this longer than me keep saying that the best - and worst - is yet to come. ( the way. I'd prefer to think it HAS to get easier.) HOWEVER, before I show you all the wonderful things these precious babies are doing... and how amazing they really are... I wanted to remind you where it all began. God is so good... and knowing that He is in control has been the single most comforting part of this entire journey. These pictures are from the visit that Tim and I made to Guatemala (October 2003) to meet Alejandra and Rachel. We fell in love with them the first time we saw their referral photos. But we gave our hearts away, wholly and completely the moment that we saw their faces, and held them in our arms. Our lives have never been the same...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just Getting Started...

Hi! I seem to be terrible at keeping everyone up-to-date on all the wonderful things that the Hanks Family has been up to each day, week and month. I am hoping that this will help me be more efficient. Then, you can see how much the kids are growing and changing each and every day! They constantly amaze me! Hopefully, in the next day or so - I can try to post a photo... ;) (baby steps...)