Monday, March 30, 2009

Marching On...

I don't think it's possible to journal each and every thing that has happened in the past few months since Kenneth passed away. But we have managed to move forward and find our footing... and make some good memories. It's just "different".

February ended with a lot of activity centering around helping get things resolved for DeeDee. We did a lot of "dividing and conquering"... and put a few things on the back burner at our house. It created new opportunities for everyone... even the first ever sleep over for Rachel and McCaleb at DeeDee's house (with Daddy, of course). They had a big time!

We dog sat for my friend Shelli, when her mother was in the hospital with a serious illness. Most people take food and sit at the hospital with you and keep you company. Not me. Don't misunderstand. It's not that I wouldn't do those things... it's just that I am GOOD at pets. I love animals. Because I love my animals so much... and I know how much I worry when I am away... I know that offering to help take care of someone else's pets is a way that I can HELP... and show my friends love at the same time. That way they don't have to worry about their pets...because they know that they will be here and be given lots of love and attention. Seamus was a complete JOY to care for. He is a 100 pound Old English Sheep Dog... but so gentle and sweet! He might be just a tad bit spoiled... so it got a little crowded at bedtime when he was trying to sleep between me and Tim in the bed. (we have a full sized bed...) He was tickled to death that Tim finally got up and went to sleep with Rachel for the night. He stretched out, laid his head on Tim's pillow, sighed a very contented sigh... and snored the night away.

Later that month, we also lost our "roomies" when Chris and Zeke moved into an apartment she found! She had been looking... and we knew it wasn't going to be a permanent thing having her here... but WOW was that an adjustment!! Zeke was a little shy when he first moved in. He kind of kept to himself...and stayed in his room. As you can see from the photos... he warmed up and quickly made himself at home!!! After they left, I think I suffered from empty nest syndrome. I can tell you right now I'm not looking forward to the house getting any quieter... I am a chaos person. I love the chaos. I am also not a person that embraces change - so once again I had to get used to another "change". UGH.

Before we knew it - it was Tim's birthday. Gee, it seems like those things roll around a lot faster each and every year. I took the kids to the store to shop for Daddy. They are sooooo funny. They picked out a couple of movies, and some socks, and new underwear! Ha ha ha. They are my kids, that's for sure! Practical gifts... that's my motto.

The end of March brought with it some tumultuous times. Ali had a bad reaction to the new medication that the doctor was trying - and we had to make some drastic changes. Medication changes are, as a rule, never fun. More change - more adjustment. We also found a new person to hire at the office for Sales... so there would be more changes for us at work. However, with our last hire of an office manager - we totally hit the jackpot and found someone that is great with the customers, great with the other employees, and a true joy to be around! So drawing from that momentum... we made another hire. Our new employee would start at the end of the month. Here they come...changes....

As March drew to a close - I can honestly say that looking back - the 6 weeks we just lived were the most emotional and difficult that we have lived as a family thus far. April...can't get here fast enough!