Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sweet Success!

Ali has been trying to tie her own shoes for a very long time...maybe since she was about 3. But she would get so upset when her fingers wouldn't work, or she would get so confused. Tim would try to help her, I would try to help her... but it just wasn't working out. Then, it dawns on me... I am teaching her left-handed. Tim is teaching her right-handed. Tim is the better teacher... but he just isn't with the kids as much as I am during the day, so apparently I have been "undoing" all the work that he and Ali have been "doing". It was a big AHA moment for me... and I decided to just use Tim's words and try to talk her through it. (It's really hard to not want to help...) We have been trying that for a couple of days this week. But she was still getting frustrated and would give up and ask me to tie her shoes for her. Which I would do - and tell her it was OK - that I bet I couldn't tie when I was 5 years old. (She also keeps asking for Velcro, which if you know me... you know I really don't care for Velcro shoes...but I won't give in, because I knew she could do this.)

Well, if there is ONE good thing about Carpal Tunnel (and I truly can't imagine that there is...) it's that your fingers just don't work most of the time - but especially first thing in the morning. (Again, I'm not sure this is technically what I would call a good thing - but it came in handy today.) Since I only slept 2 hours on Sunday night and then 2 hours on Wednesday night from the pain... and they can't give me my injection until Monday... I am really uncomfortable right now. So, Ali was clunking around the house in her untied shoes this morning... quite possibly making a statement about the fact that hers were still not tied...again, my fingers were not working. However, it could be that thing cool kids do where they don't want their shoes tied, so they just clunk around. Either way...the clunking had to stop. I told Ali to sit down and try to tie her shoes... that I knew she could do it. Then I went into the kitchen to watch from a distance. When I saw that she was really going to get it - I got the camera and began snapping pictures. She was so proud!!!! I knew she could get it... and I bet if I hadn't been helping all along, we might have seen success earlier in the year. Oh, well. At least I know now... so when it's Rachel's turn, I'll just let Ali teach her.

As for Rachel and McCaleb, they got bored with all the trying pretty fast... and sat down to read magazines. McCaleb loves the National Geographic that Grandpa Larry sends! (Yes, he does read them upside-down quite often...) As for Rachel, she prefers her Daddy's Plane and Pilot. When Tim can't find his magazines, he has to check Rachel's toy basket. That's usually where they end up. (However, if her driving skills don't improve, I'm pretty sure we will never let her fly...)

Good job Ali for all your hard work and perseverance! We are so proud!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Daddy's Big Day

For those of you that know Tim... you will know that he will H-A-T-E this post more than any other, because it's about him. Tim is a very private person - bless his heart - married to quite a "tell all" blabbermouth. I like to think that we compliment one another... but he might not always agree. Again... bless his heart. ;)

Also - for those of you that know Tim/Hi-Tech/me - you'll know that we don't take off work (much or ever) we don't take vacations (together...for sure) and we rarely have an entire weekend together as a family. (Usually this requires some major act of nature...) But one thing we do well... is birthdays. We do take off that one day - and spend it together as a family.

Tim's big day was Friday of last week - and to say that it started off a little ROCKY is a bit of an understatement. Ha ha. Let me explain.

Thursday night Tim snuck home to eat with the kids (this way they think he's really home... we are getting pretty good at this trick) and then he leaves again once they are in bed. He left and headed into Georgetown to pick up more work, went to Lexington to finish up at CKBC... and then headed out to Steve an Joy's to install the security camera in their new horse facility. OK - very cool thing they have going on there...they are a post-op recovery facility for horses (like once they leave Rood and Riddle... or Hagyard-Davidson-McGee). In their stalls, they have these cameras - and you can go onto the internet and log in and WATCH YOUR OWN HORSE! Very cool. Tim and Steve were installing those cameras and getting them up and running. Check out their website, buy a horse or St. Bernard... or better yet - a Kangaroo. Steve and Joy are the jack of all trades! ( However, the camera thing took a little longer than anticipated... I finally gave up on him at about 3am. It was a horrible night - the wind was really blowing and I kept hearing things. I am usually not a scaredy cat - but I was hearing a lot of thumping going on... and kept getting up to check on things/kids/dogs/the doors...

About 7am... Tim comes rolling in. I had finally fallen asleep. I told him to nap on the couch until the kids woke up - and then we'd swap while he's downstairs trying to snooze... HE STARTS TO HEAR THE THUMPING. He opens his eyes in time to see two little rabbit ears pop up - and then hop away. Apparently I hadn't latched the cage well at bedtime... or Rocky is an escape artist. (Hence the ROCKY start to his day...) He finally got the rabbit put away (NOT always easy) ... and by this time the kids were up and ready to play ... unaware that Daddy hadn't YET been to bed. :) He was upstairs playing with the kids... and we hear MORE THUMPING...on a much larger scale. Apparently HE hadn't latched the garage door well... and the dogs were all in the house. (Good thing they didn't get the rabbit...)

Unfortunately, Tim did have to work until about 3... and then we went out for some Chinese Food, and a birthday cake with party hats compliments of the kids! Tim went to bed early - a MUCH deserved treat for the birthday boy.

On Saturday we met Mamoo and Papoo out for lunch at Outback and another party at their new house in Lexington, with Jamie, Chuck and Briana! A fun weekend, indeed... to celebrate the most self-less member of our home.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Boys and Their Toys

I knew a little boy would be different. I knew that there would be adjustments... things that would make me gasp and pray... and things that would make my heart melt. People would say... "Boys are different." WHATEVER!!! No one really explained this to me. No one went into detail. What does different mean?

I'll tell you what it means... it means things like, don't turn your back without strapping them INTO the high chair - not even for a second. It means that all tractors are toys... and if they can't reach the step to get up onto the tractor... they will find another way to get up into the seat. (More than likely - they will also leave your lights on and run the battery dead... but that's the grown ups fault for not checking...) It means that fast is not fast enough, high is not high enough... and always be prepared to catch a jumping two year old. (Thank goodness the bed is not too far from the floor, sorry about that one, buddy.) It means that gates on the deck will ALWAYS be locked when Mommy is on the tractor. It also means that naptimes are going to be sorely missed for that very same reason. It means this new "smell" when we come in from playing. It's more like one of the dogs - and less like one of the girls. It's called little boy smell... and it somewhat resembles his father... just on a smaller scale.

It also means you never have to get your own toilet paper, ever... and when you get out of the shower or tub, your towel is being handed to you. It means that you always have help with the trash... even if sometimes more of it ends up on the floor. No worries... he loves the dust pan, too. It means that when it's time to leave the house - you turn around and your coat or purse or diaper bag is ready and waiting for you. It also means the best hugs in the morning... at nap time... and along with the sweetest smiles when he really wants to get away with something.

Boys are different. Ours is a sweetheart, with more love and smiles to melt the hearts of all the women in this house. (And his Daddy's, too.) I think that the reason no one tells you how boys are different... is that there aren't really words to describe the bundle of fun and energy that they are!

Here is McCaleb...our little bundle of energy... doing a few of his favorite OUTDOOR activities. Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Video...

Ok... so let me just say, that Chuck Shell is the best! He has done everything short of coming to my house and setting up this video for me. However, even with the idiot proof instructions... I seem to be missing a step somewhere along the way. HOWEVER... I hope that by clicking on this link, you can view the video. (Did I mention that he also put this together for me, as well?) THANK YOU CHUCK!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Girls with Pearls!

Kids love to get presents. Moms like presents (usually) that don't require assembly. ;) However... the girls got a really cool gift from Cynthia, Adam, Keegan and Romy while they were in China bringing Romy home.
(See their new blog at

The Farley Family brought Ali and Rachel home these really cool pearl necklace kits... some assembly required. You actually open the oyster with a little spatula, (that is included) dig out the pearl, (did I mention that it smells like oysters and that you dig the pearl out of the squishy, slimy part??) and put it into a heart-shaped wire pendant---kind of like a basket. The really cool thing is that each pearl can be different colors, and each color can mean different things. You don't know until you open them what the color stands for... and the belief is that each person will get the pearl that represents them.

We waited until Tim was home one night to help (so I could snap photos and video tape... and perhaps not touch the squishy part)... and we put together the necklaces. What a very special gift, from our very special friends! Thank you Farley Family for these special necklaces. Oh, and by the way... Ali's pearl was peach - which means healthful. (Very appropriate for our fruit and vegetable eater!) Rachel's pearl was white... which represents wisdom. (She's already too smart for her own good... oh no, look out!)

And for Mommy? Mommy got her very first strand of REAL PEARLS!!!! They are beautiful - and I love them so much. Thank you, Cynthia. :)