Friday, August 31, 2007

Bounce "U"

McCaleb shares his birth MONTH with a lot of special people! Papoo, Uncle Chad, Austin, Aunt Parksie, Alexis, Kaleb, Brayden...and my Grandpa would have been 98 on the 27th of this month. That's a lot of birthdays... and a lot of partying! I am WAY behind in posting pictures... so I back up to Saturday August 18th when we went to Alexis' birthday at Bounce U. It was a barrel of fun! I think that the kids (the little ones) thoroughly enjoyed themselves... but it seems that the other kids (the BIG ones) also enjoyed themselves. I have many photos to share from this. I am amazed that I even took this many photos... I had a migraine to beat all migraines that day. But I took over 100 photos! WOW! The Giant Slide was a real favorite. McCaleb would crack us all up. He would climb to the top... carefully sit down... and then put the burlap sack ON HIS LAP... and then off he'd go! It was crazy!!! But it was a lot of fun! Alexis had a blast... and all the kids (big and little) were really tired afterward. Thanks to the Corbins for a really fun day!!! And stay tuned for pictures from Brayden's big bash...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Dropping Back to PUNT

Okay... I have so many photos to post... I don't know where to begin. So I'm backing up (and punting...) to a really wonderful weekend that we had with some of our very favorite friends, The Combs'. We don't often take time and actually travel very far from home... so when we do, it's a very big deal. The last weekend of July we went to Dayton with Kelvin, Donna and RJ for the Dayton Air Show 2007. It was such a bittersweet trip. We had such a wonderful time of fun and fellowship with our friends! That RJ is such a doll! And the air show was AMAZING. Near the end of the air show there was a performance of two bi-planes doing a routine they call "Mary's Lamb". There was an accident - and one of the planes crashed. No amount of fun that we had on that trip can remove the heartache that Tim and I both feel for the family of Jim Leroy - the pilot that died that day. He is survived by his wife and his 4-year old son. The kids still pray for them... and talk about it from time to time.

I didn't post these photos immediately - and hesitated to post them now. But the more I've thought about it - I think that in the line of work that he was in - the best way to honor Jim Leroy would be in sharing the joy that he brought to us that day - and the fact that he was doing something that he truly loved.