Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A-U-G-U-S-T ...the long, hot summer....

August was PACKED full of activity. Sometimes I don't know where we find the time to get it all done...but we do. Beth Moore came to Lexington's Rupp Arena. It was a blast! I had a great seat - front row. I was one of the nerds wearing the BLUE Wal-Mart looking vests up front. It was an awesome experience... and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I was humbled by the experience - and encouraged more than anyone that came forward for encouragement. All in all it was a FABULOUS weekend!!

After leaving the Beth Moore Conference - I swung by Georgetown to pick up McCaleb at Karate. DeeDee and Aunt Melanie were with him as he was testing for his ORANGE belt. He got it... and my picture must be on a phone somewhere... I can't seem to find it. However, after we left there we headed out for Louisville and the KY STATE FAIR. Ali was showing her dogs again.

In our spare time we had a little fun on the sidelines... and even managed to cookout for everyone in attendance.

It was Bailey's first dog show - and she did great too... all in all Ali raked in quite a haul...just from the KY STATE FAIR.

Then it was time to celebrate McCaleb's birthday. I can't believe that my baby has turned 6 years old. He wanted to do about 100 different things on his big day - but we settled on about 5. :) He is such a sweet boy!

He wanted to have a pizza party with his friends...and really enjoyed it so much. He had a cupcake cake this year... which was a big hit with him, too...

At home we opened his presents - and he was so excited about everything he got. One of the most special things about my sweet boy - is he is sooooo sweet! He truly loves people and loves to have a good time.

Sisters....bless his heart. Everyone wants to help him read. He is actually doing so well reading. I really need to write a bit about their school... maybe next month.... ;)

The next week - Rachel and McCaleb danced at the Castle for this year's fund raising event for Hope for Tomorrow Children's Home in Guatemala.

It was a beautiful night - and we decided this year to take the entire family. It was wonderful! And as many of you might not know... that is the home where McCaleb lived as a small child before coming home. For more information, you can visit their site: www.hope4tomorrow.net

The kids did a beautiful job dancing... even with Rachel's bad arm... and the night raised about $30,000 for the children's home! It was such a blessing!!!

It was a wonderful night - and we had our lovely niece, Briana with us, too! McCaleb loved that!

Miss Kentucky Latina posing with the kids after a fashion show! She was very beautiful! McCaleb was smitten with her...

Allen, Jennifer and Tim.... what a motley looking crew! Allen needs to bring his daughter Isabella next time! She might like to meet some other little Guatemalan princesses!
Chick Fil A for McCaleb's birthday with Mamoo and Papoo! We love some Chick Fil A... they are building one in Georgetown... WHOO HOO!

John Deere... always a good choice for my little man. He is a tractor loving kid!

And then the end of the month - and the hardest thing yet. My friend Chris moved away to Pennsylvania to be with her daughter Jody...and it was very hard...and very sad. I can't even begin to put it into words. She has grounded me for so long...and been there through so much. Chris is who I called to help me bring 10 puppies into the world...and cried with me as one of them didn't make it. She is the person that I called when I knew it was Molly's time...and I knew she would take care of my kids while I was doing the very hard thing that we all knew was inevitible. She lived with us for a short time - but touched my life in a profound way forever. We miss you, Nana. I miss you BIG.