Monday, May 31, 2010

Martin Family Reunion - Memorial Day Weekend 2010

It was that time of year again....our MARTIN FAMILY REUNION. (Every other year to be exact...) So the kids and I headed down to Union City for the fun and festivities. The last time we went - Sara had only been home a matter of weeks... so I was excited for people to get to see how much she has changed.

Mom had already been to the cemetary - so Jodi and I just drove up to take pictures. The kids love walking around and reading all the names... and it always brings back so many memories for me.

We got to see Kobe again... he is such a great kid! The kids really enjoy him so much!

A picture of most of the kids... we had a few that had already left. But they are ADORABLE!! However, there were a few that we didn't get to see... maybe next time??

Ahhh... here's ALMOST all of our family. :) Jamie and Chuck couldn't come. Again... maybe next time??

Mom and all the Martin Cousins. A Motely Looking Crew... but we love them all.

And a crowd favorite.... OTHER ALI!! The kids adore her!! Actually they love all the Martin girls and boys... and men...ha ha ha.

Seriously - there was so much food.... and everyone kept sending things home with me. It was UNREAL! YUM YUM. Delicious.... as always.

So until next time.... Memorial Day weekend - 2012.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Day! May Day!

May was a busy, busy month! We had the end of dance, recital, karate, graduations, and at the end of the month - a Family Reunion! I am still not certain how we managed to pack it all in... but I do remember being very tired. :)

And yet we still managed to have some down time - and time to play. These two are like two giant magnets...completely attracted to each other - but once they get a LITTLE too close... they repel each other. HA HA HA.

McCaleb and Alex tested for their first belts in Karate... AWESOME JOB guys! They really enjoy it - and McCaleb is really quite good at it! :)

The HI-LIGHT of recital for Rachel was getting to dance the Hip-Hop routine this year... they danced to a couple of songs, one of which was a Laura Bell Bundy song. (Town and Village alum....) On Saturday night - Laura Bell jumped on stage and danced and sang with the kids. WOW! It was so much fun to see how excited they all were! And little Rachel was able to get her picture with LBB afterwards! It was so cool! Something that she will remember forever!

Recital week is pretty intense. We were there EVERY day - until late each evening... and by the end of the week... we were exhausted! I didn't get to spend a lot of time with McCaleb... since he was in the "MENS" dressing room... but he had a grea time as well!!

Leono's breadsticks... literally ate them every. single. day! YUM. So recital week is a little tough... we have to weigh the pro's and con's....

Yes. He is the CUTEST thing ever... I know. But in this little outfit... ADORABLE!!

Yep - that's her backpack... and I was making her finish her homework. I am a mean mean momma....

Rehearsals.... did you see Miss Bell doing the splits up there?? Awesome! She made McCaleb look bad! He still hasn't gotten his...

Rachel teaching Andrew how to do the Hip-Hop routine in the backyard after Amanda's graduation. This was priceless....

Amanda and Tim. Graduation from University of Kentucky College of Nursing!! Way to go Amanda!!!

The Lucas Family! I finally got a picture where I am not getting a hand up - and a "Jennifer! Don't take my picture!!" Wonderful!

All in all - May started out CRAZY! This wasn't even the whole thing... we are onlyinto week 3 at this point! ARGH!! When does life begin to slow down again....?