Sunday, February 14, 2010


The first year that Tim and McCaleb went to the Farm Machinery Show/Tractor Pull...McCaleb told me it was just "for boys". Maybe that's what Daddy told him to get him to go with him... or maybe he jsut decided that all on his own. But this year he came to me and whispered... "Mommy...there were girls there! You can go, too!! Daddy even hugged some of them...."

So cute!

At any rate - we loaded up and spent the day in Louisville enjoying tractors of all kinds and sizes. At the end of the day... the truck and tractor pull!

What a treat! They have this new GIANT hose that they hook up to each tractor, and all the exhaust is pumped right out of the buidling! WOW! I'm not sure that without that headache that you get from all those fumes the kids were really able to enjoy the tractor pull as completely as we did growing up... but they sure did have fun! ;)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Forever Family Day - February 2010

So each year this day rolls around and I can't even believe there was a time in my life that these girls were not a part of it. It seems as if they have always been a part of our lives - and yet they have only been home for 6 years.

Such a short time in some ways...

Such a long time in others.

The blessings that they have brought to our lives completely erase the pain that we endured waiting for them to come home.

Happy Forever Family Day, Ali and Rachel. We love you so much!!