Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Cooper Alley - the road beside our office in Georgetown!

One of my very favorite things that we were able to do this summer... is have one of our little friends come to visit us for almost three weeks. My friend Jane let us bring Cooper home with us from a visit that we had with them in July. Cooper lived in the hogar in Guatemala with Sara...and we had visited with him several times when we were there visiting Sara. Since coming home the November after Sara (who came home in April of 2008) we have met with their family once or twice a year for little road trips. This time, however, we decided to bring Cooper back to Kentucky for a visit. It was a blast!

If I had a dollar for every time that he would say, "Hey, Miss Jen!"... well let's just say that I could RETIRE!! He was so funny! He was so happy! He was so curious! and boy, was he FULL OF ENERGY!! And occasionally... and only just a wee bit... he was a stinker. But let me tell you what... he was the cutest little stinker (besides my own little McCaleb). Those two were the dynamic duo and they were into everything!!

The kids completely embraced having Cooper visit us... and I honestly think that McCaleb loved having a little brother here. He has said numerous times since that we need to adopt a little boy "next time". ;) I have to admit... that having Cooper here made me ready to go back and do it all over again. He was such a joy to have here... we can't wait until this coming summer in hopes that he might come back for another visit.

Everyone that met Cooper was charmed by his sweet smile and those incredible dimples. As if that wasn't enough - they were impressed with his very good manners and "Nice to meet you!" as he would shake their hand. He wormed his way into not only all SIX of the Hanks'. hearts... but each and every person that he met.

THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT US COOPER!!! We can't wait to have you come back.