Friday, July 31, 2009


The rest of JULY, Tabitha was still here in Kentucky. We have really enjoyed these past two summers... having her here for two months! It has kind of spoiled us.

At any rate - here are some of my favorite pictures of her visit. At the end of July, Jean flew out to spend a week or so and took Tabitha back home to Arizona.

We wish that they were closer! The kids love seeing their Aunt Jean... and they truly adore their cousin Tabitha.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's The Big 4-0!!!

This year - my little sister turned 40.
Somehow - that doesn't seem possible, being that I'm holding steady at 29..... but math has never been my forte'. ;)

Chad decided to throw a surprise Birthday Party for Jodi - and so we headed down to Memphis to sneak into town. She called me twice on the way there... and I finally had to lie a little and tell her I was trying to park at Fayette Mall...and I had to go. (She should have been suspicious right there... I hate shopping.)

We all met at Osaka's and waited for her to show up! I think she was really surprised... and it was soooo much fun!

Afterwards, we went to Jodi and Chad's house and waited until it got dark enough to go watch fireworks.

On Saturday - the kids were able to swim a while - and then we had a cookout at Jodi and Chad's (which included Cyndi's famous baked beans...). YUM YUM. The kids had a blast - and we had even more fireworks there.

The next day we had to head out to come home - but FIRST we met up with my sister Amy and her family... to meet my newest niece... LuLu!! (Her name is actually Brooklyn Laura Lorraine...but we call her LuLu). She is such a doll baby!

It was a busy, busy weekend... but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. We had a blast! Happy Birthday Jodi!! We love you!! On the upside... we brought home those two handsome Hudnall Boys and had the honor of keeping them here in KY for a week....
I love my family! I feel very blessed!!