Friday, October 31, 2008

Spooktacular 2008

Downtown Georgetown hosts the "Spooktacular" event every Halloween where all the businesses pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters from 1 - 5. Since we live out in the country - Spooktacular has been the time that we have dressed the kids up and gone out begging for candy. :) It's fun... but my favorite part is being at the office passing out the candy to all the kids that come by. They are sooooo adorable!!!

This year, since we had to divide and conquer - Tim took two of the kids trick or treating, and I kept two with me passing out candy. Many of the business people dress up as they pass out candy... and I had two kids available... so Sara and Ali turned out to be the cutest two telephone technicians that you have ever seen!!! They were hilarious. They are so funny... but so different. Sara wanted to give everyone candy and pencils... while Ali wanted to be sure that everyone only got 1 item. She was counting out items, while Sara was grabbing them by the fist full... it was so funny to watch them find a middle ground and work it all out and in the end... they had a BLAST!!

They would yell and wave their arms to attract attention... and they would tell each group all the other businesses that were passing out candy on our side of the street. They were so adorable. When Tim got back with the two little kids, they didn't even want to leave their posts and go out on their own. They were having too much fun waving at the cars, the kids and parents that stooped by, and they absolutely loved all the attention that they were getting.

At the end of the day - we came home and had a family fun night with pizza and the traditional It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown... and the not so traditional Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie.

For Sara, this was her first Halloween home. It was amazing to watch her take it all in. She was in awe of everything... she completely enjoyed talking to every stranger that came along...and she oooohed and ahhhed over every child and especially the babies.

For Ali... she was all about being dressed up like Daddy. Her current goal is to work at Hi-Tech when she gets a little older. This child is so smart. She is making super great grades and reads way above her grade level. I keep telling her to be a doctor - or even a lawyer. She is wonderful at debating and arguing things from every angle. Right now... she just wants to answer Daddy's telephones. :) So sweet.

For Rachel... she has been telling me for a couple of years now that she wants to be a ballerina. This year she didn't want to buy a costume... she was going as a ballerina princess... and she pulled everything out of her closet herself, including the "magic swan" not seen here. HILARIOUS - especially considering her birthday (which was the next will hear more about that next time).

For McCaleb... we tried and tried to get him to be a number of different things. I even pulled things off the Internet that we wanted to make. Airplanes, bull riders, a dump truck... all kinds of stuff. He wanted to wear his horse outfit- again. Seems like we should have been tickled to death... but it was packed away in a box in the basement, which we are trying to finish... so we had to open about 10 boxes to find it. He was so happy!! Next year I am hoping for a change - but he announced that next year HE is dressing up like Daddy. I think he just wants to carry the tools. :)

It was another fun day! The kids really enjoyed it... and I had fun just watching them. They are so much fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Answered Prayers

The first time Tim and I traveled to Guatemala to see Sara, I was met at the door by the most precious little boy that took my hand, and stole my heart. His name is Lucas... and if you have read much of my blog before, you've seen his sweet face dozens of times.

It was August of last year that I wrote about Lucas and the possibility that he would not be able to come home. His case had become very difficult... and given the state of Guatemala adoptions at that time... there was much uncertainty for Lucas. Never underestimate the power of prayer! So many people have prayed for this sweet little boy... and I am so excited to share that he will be flying HOME to Pennsylvania tomorrow morning!

This is truly an answer to many, many prayers!! I haven't been able to stop smiling and crying all week long. Thank you to everyone that prayed for Sweet Lucas. He is truly the sweetest little boy - so gentle and kind. As an added bonus... he will be coming home with his little brother Cooper! So my friend Jane will soon have her entire family in not only the same time zone... but under one roof! What an amazing blessing!

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Lucas the day he said goodbye to Sara at the hotel. Check out that sweet dimple!!! And another photo with his two little sisters that traveled with Mom and Dad to bring the boys home, Emma and Myah.

Three 3-year olds at the same time? Hang on tight Jane... the fun is just beginning! ;)


There are still two sweet boys in Guatemala that need our continued prayers! We need to pray that Gerson and Elviz' case gets moving... and that they are able to come home soon, too!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Country...

But you can't take the country out of the girl!

Our most special friend Chris (...Nana to the kids...) came out for a visit a week ago. It was a beautiful day...not too hot and the sun was shining bright. Chris is an amazing person with a love of life and an appreciation for making memories. So...I couldn't resist suggesting a ride on the horses. Nana and Tim saddled up Tony and Eagle and rode around the farm for about an hour. They are so much fun... Chris and Tim are my own personal "Frick and Frack." Always such fun!! (And actually Tim rode Eagle bareback - and he swears that Eagle is still as bony across his back as he was when he was a two-year-old.)

It was a nice ride for them - and the horses were especially happy to get out of the pasture that is basically dirt, thanks to a very dry summer!

The other three horses were a little put out that they didn't get to come out for a visit, but the kids gave them the last of our apples... and it seemed to cheer them up a bit!


Aren't they great??? Tony and Chris really hit it off! He loved her.

Afterwards, Tim and I began the task of taking down the pool... a sure sign to the end of summer and the beginning of cool weather. It just doesn't seem possible. Where does the time go? I have been thinking back over the past 6 months a lot lately. Sara came home in April - and it is as if I blinked and time has passed by!

Saying goodbye to summer is always sad for me. I love being outside. I love yard work, and do some of my best thinking on our tractor. Truly, the kids are outside every minute that we are home unless it is raining or unbearably hot.

However, I do love the fall... and I am looking forward to the holidays and watching Sara enjoy those with her family for the first time. She is already asking about *SNOW*... so let's cross our fingers for a really good one this year!

Please look closely... Jesse is giving Chris and Tim a raspberry because he is jealous he is not out of the paddock.

This summer has been wonderful for our family, for so many reasons. We have weathered many storms over the last year...and we are in such a wonderful and good place! Our life might be hectic at times...but we are so blessed in so many ways. We have the blessing of good health, good family and good friends... what more could we ask for??

The kids and their "mean" faces... they can't keep them up too long before cracking up!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Extreme Makeover - Teen Edition

So... for Briana's 13th birthday, Mom (aka "Mamoo") came up with the great idea of having a make-up class for Briana and a few of her friends. Hello...??? Where was this great idea when I was growing up? It sure would have been nice... and we could have avoided those terrible BLUE EYELINER years...

At any rate... I have sooooooo many photos - and really they speak much louder than my words. ;)

The Mary Kay consultant was Carey Fraebel Trivisonno... always Carey Fraebel to our family! She was so wonderful and patient with these young ladies. I, on the other hand, could hear the chocolate fountain running in the other room. All I could think of was ... "HURRY UP!!!"

The girls all had a really great time and looked adorable!

Also, lest they feel left out, here are Austin and Bryson. (I know that they totally enjoyed the make up party...) Want more info on the broken leg??? Please see the Hudnall Blog. Jodi has posted about this already... and explains the "hows" and the "whys.

It was a great day -and so much fun to watch Briana and her friends