Tuesday, April 29, 2008


No... it isn't time for the MAY PRIMARIES just yet. However, I would love to have your help - and that means casting your VOTE!

The kids had their photos taken on April 19th. Two weeks after coming home to her FOREVER FAMILY... poor Sara has been tossed into the chaos. She is faring very well... I must admit.

OK... so here is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Go to http://www.carlisle-photography.com/.

Scroll down to "PROOFS".

Find HANKS - click on it.

Password: hunter

I am trying to narrow down my selections. I want ONE of the group...and then I want to have ONE of each of the kids. So... sit back, click on the link... and start making your list.

Comment on the BLOG and let me know your choices. My goal is to get these picked in less than NINE MONTHS this year. :) Michele will be so pleased....

Friday, April 25, 2008

FFF#4...Spring Has Sprung...&...Happy FF DAY!

Was it the LONGEST WINTER EVER???? These kids would rather be outside any day of the week. We actually play outside as long as we can... and have been known to throw on the coveralls and go out in the dead of winter just to RUN. (Being blessed with a wrap-a-round porch helps...)

Today was a VERY SPECIAL DAY. Today we celebrated McCaleb's Forever Family Day. It is mind boggling to think that it has only been two short years. McCaleb is the sweetest child on the planet...and the past two years have been such a joy.

For McCaleb's special day, we told him that HE GOT TO PICK... everything. He chose Cheerios for breakfast...to save room for Steak-N-Shake for lunch. Today's shake flavor: Orange. Then we asked him how he wanted to spend the rest of his day. We told him he could have anything he wanted. His choice: going to the playground. So we headed out to the Scott County Park... and spent a couple of hours sliding, climbing, swinging and sweating. It was a beautiful day.

While he and I were "swinging" next to each other - I asked McCaleb what he wanted to do for dinner. He wanted Cake. I said... "OK... we can have cake... but what ELSE do you want to eat?" "Hmmmm..." he says... "Ice Cream." You gotta love that boy! He knows the way to my heart. Finally I was able to explain that I wanted to know what MEAL he wanted for dinner.

"I want Bee-sketti (spaghetti)....and Pippa Schuberts." (Sister Schuberts for those of you that didn't catch that one. Did I tell you that this boy knows the way to my heart????)

So we left the park with a quick stop at the store. As we were heading home, he began to plan the rest of our evening. He said,

"I surgot (forgot) to wogger (water) your flowers today...(I haven't planted any yet... but OK) so I could wogger for you when I get home. And then...I can wash your truck, Mommy. And Rachel can wash the little truck... and maybe Sara can wash the tractor..."

So when we got home, I baked a cake for the little man, Ali fed the dogs (A few of the lazy ones got fed by hand...I think she is spoiling them), Sara, Daddy and McCaleb washed Mommy's truck, and Rachel washed McCaleb's truck.

Everyone was a little sweaty, a little dirty and a tad bit smelly, but we got a family photo to mark the big day for McCaleb.

Then we bathed, put on our PJ's, spread out a blanket on the floor... and settled in for dinner and a moive... oh yes, and CAKE AND ICE CREAM!

At bedtime... he said... "This was a really great day. Is tomorrow my Forever Family Day again?" What a sweet boy! So easy to please, so unassuming and eager for any new adventure... he really is a JOY.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Getting Un-Stuck...

Last week was really hard. We lost a big part of our hearts with JD... and at the same time our Sweet Sara is still finding her footing in our family... and her confidence is beginning to bloom. Everyone else seems to be handling the adjustments pretty well. I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall...maybe it never will. Who knows....

I missed photos last Sunday, for Sara's first time going to church. My head still wasn't on quite right... but I'm pretty sad I missed getting those pictures. She looked adorable... and the kids were so excited and proud. There might have been some slight drama when I left her in Children's Church and she realized that I wasn't coming back any time soon. This week she decided that she was going to BIG church. I told her that was fine, that she would have to sit quietly during church - but that we were happy that she wanted to go to "Big Church". After some considerable squirming and being poked awake once by me... she has decided that she misses Children's Church, and wants to give it a try again next week. (please note the sly smile on MY face...hee hee)

This week has been a little crazy. We had a new office person start. In addition to Ali's appointment this week, we had THREE appointments for Sara this week. Poor thing. It seems like we are trying to traumatize this poor child, but she has handled it all with such determination and bravery. Ii also introduced her to her first "sports bra". I was a little worried that she might be upset... but she has been so proud! So proud, in fact, that she will show it to just about anyone that she sees. I finally got her to STOP doing it at Target on Thursday... but fair warning if you see out out and about. :)

This week should be the end of our initial "appointments" for Sara. We visit the DENTIST on Thursday. Say a prayer for this sweet child... she has not had the best dental experiences in the past... actually, pray for Dr. Corbett, too!

Finally, in an effort to completely exhaust and traumatize as many people as possible, we had a photo session for the kids on Saturday. They wore some cute shirts that we bought for them in Guatemala...and I have to say... they did great! Once I get the info on the proofs... I will post it all online so that everyone can see them!

When we got home on Saturday - we flew kites and rode the little mini-4wheeler. Then it began to rain. So the photos were snapped fast and furious...

I was amused at Ali when her kite was ALL THE WAY IN THE AIR. She never put her arms down. I never did find out why, but it was really funny. Sara's began to pull on her once, and it scared her... so she let go. (The kids laughed, but I'm pretty sure all three of them have done the same thing.) Luckily, the kite landed in our of our huge trees, the string dangling down... and it was windy enough that Tim was able to get it right out! (Way to go, Daddy!)

Sara says that the dogs seem SAD. She said that Molly is sad... which is probably a little true. The girls decided to give her extra love tonight. I personally think that Molly might just be a little spoiled... but either way we love her! (She seems a little relieved that Picabo has gone home... as she is terrified of my Mom's little Lhasa. Such a great watchdog. She is also terrified of Rocky, our rabbit. Oh well...)

All in all... it was a really good weekend!