Friday, October 15, 2010

A Trip to Mississippi - October 2010

In October - Daddy had to have a Heart Cath. He had a few tests done - and the doctor felt this was the best option for him. And the doctor was quite adamant that he have it sooner, rather than later. So the weekend of October 10th (Briana's birthday weekend) we headed down to Mississippi. Jamie, Chuck and Briana had left the night before to "surprise" him. (Keep in mind please... he was having a HEART I'm not sure the shock of seeing them show up for the first time in 9 years was a great idea... but HEY - WE LOVE THE SHOCK VALUE IN THIS FAMILY...)

It was a great weekend - and we enjoyed spending the time together with the family.

A night at Osaka's was the highlight of the evening... Briana hadn't ever been before. So we really loved watching her face during the whole experience.

Rachel: Not a fan of Sushi. Ha ha ha ha!

The highlight of the morning was Kelsey being in her first beauty pageant. She did such a great job - she was a HOOT! She lit up the stage with her personality and charisma. Kelsey has been such a light in our lives since the very first day. Just knowing how much she has been willing to TRY and willing to DO. It has been a true lesson to me in my own life - when I feel like I "can't" do something, or I'm too afraid to try. Kelsey has done sooooo much. She never shirks away from a challenge.

And then... to top it all off... my sweet niece, Breelyn, decided to make her big entrance into the world - THE SAME DAY AS BRIANA'S BIRTHDAY! Amazing! We hopped in a vehicle and drove down to Tupelo and I got hold that sweet, precious baby a few hours after she was born!! Such a doll baby. And it was such a wonderful gift for Daddy to get to see and hold her right before his surgery.

But... the ICING on the cake for the whole weekend... Daddy's surgery went really well. He had quite a bit of blockage - but they were able to get that all under control and he has been doing FABULOUS ever since. And sweet little Breelyn has become the apple of his eye... and is spoiled rotten for her Pop!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

October 2,2010 - A Little Home School Fun

Mc Caleb loves his Science curriculum! He wanted to go on a "hunt" for different Biotic and Abiotic items to put into different paper bags. He was soooooooo excited to find a little frog around the Irises that we brought home from DeeDee's house and transplanted at our house.

Of course - I had to dare him to catch it. ;)

This picture is him RUNNING out of the little area when the frog JUMPED! Yes, it was funny. And yes... I laughed!!

McCaleb is truly the sweetest child. And he is so outgoing and fun to be with. He laughed just as hard as I did - once he realized that the frog wasn't in attack mode. I wish you could see his shirt a little better. It says: CAUTION!!! UNSOCIALIZED HOMESCHOOLER

He is so NOT that! Love that little guy!!