Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Little Something: Blitz to the End of the Year - 2009

Shelby left and went away to college...and McCaleb turned FIVE!!!

And Rachel danced at Castle Post for the "Hope for tomorrow" Fundraiser

I have started this post about 100 times over the past few months. Honestly...I really have. But I've just never gotten around to finishing it. ;) (As I sit here now writing... it is actually 05/18/

I stopped blogging after Cooper's visit. LAST YEAR. Not because he wore me out...Cooper is a doll baby!! I just honestly made a very deliberate effort over the past year to put down the laptop and stop letting it take up so much of my time. I think that during the adoption process of waiting for Sara to come home... I became OBSESSED with being online each and every night. I wanted to know where everyone else was in their process, how their cases were going along, did they visit their child... were their pictures on their blogs to see?? Then I began a facebook page... and it just seemed to snowball.... I didn't want that. I don't want that. So... I put the laptop down.

I don't want to feel like I am spending time with a machine, when I can be cultivating my relationship with God, my family and my friends. So I put the laptop down - and I really spent the last year investing in better priorities.

However... I have to say... since I was sort of using this blog to "chronicle" the adventures of the Hanks Gang... I am a little sad that I didn't do a little something.

Hence... my post. This is a "little something" about the end of our year: 2009.

I will hit the high spots - maybe a few low spots... and round out the year with a photo montage. Looking back... I will at least know that I spent my time the best way I could... which is with my family. We are so blessed...and as I sit here tonight... to finish this out... it's 08/19/10....I realize that I have to get started on my 2010 blitz....but I better pace myself. ;) I don't want to overdo it.