Saturday, July 31, 2010

July - A BANG of a Time!

So...July began with a Shooting Competition for Cory. It was really a lot of fun to watch. The kids and I drove up and spent the day.. had a picnic there with the Rankin/Stamper/Whitley clan... and then drove home. They were sure worn out from all the fun!

The set-up was a little different than I expected... but it was kind of cool. I guess I thought that he got to stand up there and shoot - SOLO. But it wasn't that way at all. It was really quite intimidating. It sure made me admire him and his concentration/determination much, much more.

That's the million dollar shot...completely turned to DUST. :) And it only took me all day and about 300 shots.

The Fourth of July we spent with Tim's family at Greg and Melanie's house. It was great. We also celebrated Amanda's birthday! :) Things seem to roll around a little faster each year. I'm not usre where the time goes... and why it seems to go by faster when we get older... but it DOES.

The next week Laura and I took the kids and a few of their friends to the Lexington Children's Museum. It was a LOT of fun! Then we walked around Triangle Park, went and had ice cream... and played at the park. By the end of the day we had some tired kids. Mission Accomplished!!

And then there was "FAIR SEASON". Which means that all of Ali's training and hard work from her 4-H Dog Club training. She did really well. She even tried the agility course - fell over... and KEPT ON GOING! Great job, Ali!!

And finally, the kids and I ended the month by traveling to Mississippi. It was a great trip - with only one small little blip. Rachel broke her arm. Other than was a blast.
Daddy took the kids to his school and showed them all around. They loved it! It was really awesome. They were amazed at the facility - and it really is a very nice school. (FYI...they have a Comdial Telephone System... this is the stuff that I notice after 12 years marriage to Tim...)

Daddy's classroom. Note the NAVY poster on the wall - U-RAH! He is such a rebel. I suppose I get it honestly.


And here we are on the AIR TRAM going to MUD ISLAND. It was a great day for all of us - but BOY WAS IT HOT!! Rachel was a trooper... broken shoulder and all.

These are some of the most beautiful kids....and I am crazy about them all!!!! And after the hot sun and the River Walk... we went to the Spaghetti Factory! It was soooo delicious! Pop and Nini know the way to my heart. The kids were able to feel Aunt Amy's baby kick... and that was so cool for them. It was just a great day!

Jodi came and spent one evening with us - and we went to Sonic...walked at the lake by Daddy's house... and then watched a movie with Jo. It was divine. A lovely and low key evening. My favorite kind...

All in all July was a very good month. We really love spending time with family - and going to Mississippi was a treat for us. We are very blessed.