Monday, June 25, 2007

The Weekend Update

For all you "SNL"ers... I feel a little like Amy Poehler. ;)

We had a HUGE... I mean a HUGE yard sale over the weekend to raise money for Sara's adoption. Not only did we clean closets, empty out the basement, and pull all the VHS tapes we own out of the cabinet (yes, even the Disney tapes...)... but we had so many people give us donations of items to sell. We had three truck loads from other adoption fund raising sales (Thank You Jana and Mike, Thank you Cynthia and Adam)... then we even had neighbors that came to "shop" come back and bring more items for us to sell. It was overwhelming! We were stunned by all the people that came to help... the Jackson family (Herman, Louise and Laura "Da-da") helped us unload and price the night before the sale (after working VBS all night), and were back bright and early the next morning to work the sale. Carloyn Gallagher came to help... but I think she was really here to play with the kids more than anything! Nana-Chris hobbled here on her air cast and cane (a long story...) and despite the heat she toughed it out for both days. Donna Combs showed up bright and early on Saturday to help set up, dry things out, and work... and even brought more items to sell... and Steve Corbin came out with Alexis and Kayla... and kept the girls (and boy) busy all day on Saturday! The Maguire family came out for a visit... and we gladly showed them all the wonderful items that will soon be arriving (already priced and ready to go) for an adoption sale at their house! :) (It's never too early to plan your sale, Krystal! And count me in to help out!) And then bless their hearts... the Jackson family helped us pack it all up and put it all away. (It's rough being friends with the Hanks Gang!) Finally, we couldn't have done it without all those tables and racks - THANK YOU CURD FAMILY!!!! Seriously, we THANK everyone from the bottom of our hearts! We were able to raise $857 from the sale - and we still have several large ticket items to sell.

We are so thankful for the wonderful family and friends that we have... and we think Sara would be honored to know how many people are working to help us get her home!

Thank you again for everything!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Scoop of the Week(end)

Minor glitch...
The big YARD SALE had been rescheduled until this weekend (6/15 - 6/16)... which I hated because it was Father's Day and all. Subconsciously I must have known that was a bad decision - because I missed the deadline to put the ad in the paper! So... it looks like my basement will remain CLUTTERED a week or so longer... and McCaleb's spare bed will remain covered with things gleaned from the upstairs closets. But on the bright side - maybe we'll have so much more to sell that we will be able to fly right down to Guatemala for a visit. :) Keep us in your prayers!!!! NEW DATE: June 22 and 23rd!

In more Sara news, the DNA was done, the interview with Family Court has been completed... and things are moving along. Yeah!

More importantly - we have received new photos, again! She totally cracks me up... I love the smirk on her face...that I think says "OK - I've smiled, you taken my picture... can I go now??" When I see this - I think about the girls and McCaleb... and I think she's going to fit RIGHT in with the rest of the Hanks Children!
Also - we haven't gotten the final word from the Shaohannah's Hope committee. I am praying that this is a good sign! Please lift us up ... it would be a huge blessing ... and due to our current situation a big relief!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Proud to be an American!

Final Adoption Day - February 6, 2007

Look at ME!!!!!!

We have been waiting for some very important papers for quite some time now... and finally they arrived! On Friday, May25th we got a notice in the mail to pick up a Certified Packet. Naturally, we didn't get to the post office that day, or the next... Monday was a get the picture. So on Wednesday (May 30th) when I got the "Final Notice" in the mail... I turned the car around and headed out to the Post Office. We got there at 4:25pm, just in the nick of time. The envelope was addressed to William McCaleb Hanks... in care of W. Tim Hanks. I was so excited. Too bad, I forgot the camera. The lady at the counter handed McCaleb this big brown envelope and he smiled the whole way back to the car. He couldn't wait to get home and open the envelope for the camera... so we tore into it to find his Citizenship papers had FINALLY arrived! Yippee! We can now get a passport and he can travel back to Gautemala with us to bring Sara home! What a great day! And he is so proud of the fact that he got his own packet of important papers in the mail.
On a side note... I finally got about 8 rolls of film developed! (shame...) Here is a photo from McCaleb's Adoption Day in Bourbon County Circuit Court, February 6th,2007. Judge Isaacs was the judge for the girls case, as well (although we had the chicken pox scare then... so they didn't attend their hearing). Also shown is our friend, attorney and fellow Guat-adoptive father, Jimmie Orr.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Graduate

Matthew - all grown up!

Starbursts sure are sticky in your teeth....

Andrew, Ali and Rachel playing their version of "Dodge Ball"

Ali telling Amanda all about Tennis Lessons with Miss Julie

McCaleb and Matthew playing with trucks...
While Andrew and Rachel blow bubbles.

Not to be outdone, McCaleb gets his bubbles out...

And Ali makes a new friend.

And finally - here's the whole gang... Hanging out with Family is fun! :)

Matthew graduated from High School today. It's mind boggling that the little boy that spent the weekends here for so long will be going to college! UNBELIEVABLE! We didn't get to make it to the Graduation Ceremony...Tim got called to Richmond to work and was gone most of the day. (Sometimes being your own boss is a real bummer...) But we did make it over to Greg and Melanie's for the after-the-graduation-celebration. As always there was a lot of really good food... and the kids played in the backyard. We ended the night when the rain came...but it was a welcomed sight to see! Congratulations Matthew - you have grown into a fine young man. We are so proud of you!