Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas - Take Three...

Jamie and Briana making blankets for LuLu and Jr! Everyone pitched in to help!!!

The Three Amigos - always entertaining and always keep us on our toes. (You have no idea...)

Daddy, Frances and Kelsey came up the day after Christmas to spend their Christmas with us. It was so much fun! (As it always is...) We had a very relaxing and enjoyable time. I really wish I had some pictures of Daddy sleeping with Ugly Kitty in the basement. ;) Or sitting on Nini's lap... who doesn't like cats at all.

Daddy loved his Saddam Hussein money that we put in an envelope. Sent over to us by our special friend serving in the Middle East. :)

Frances' best (well maybe just ONE of the best...) colors. I love her in RED and BLACK. :)

Since Santa bought the girls camera's for Christmas...they think they can hijack my camera and get photos of me! UGH!! I am always the one that takes the pictures...I'm not in them.

Seriously - this is ALL she asked for. LITERALLY. I have had it for months... and she was tickled to death. I love that girl! She's a hoot!

Voila'! We can't get through a family function with at LEAST one of these photos... or two... or three.....

Yes, two pix of my boy. He's just so cute - ya know?? Besides... I only have the one. I need to get as much mileage out of him as possible!! ;)

I'm sensing a bit of attitude in this photo. Can't remember who said what...but it was obviously met with disapproval from the 8yr old with attitude....

Kelsey's birthday in January - which is only a few days I had her gift ready (for a change) while she was here. Remarkable...I know.

McCaleb had just tested for a new belt in karate - so we got him a belt display case (not really for Christmas...just to keep the belts all in one place).

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