Sunday, December 05, 2010

Boone Tavern and Photo Ops...

On December 5th we headed to Berea to go to lunch at Boone Tavern. Love that place... but without the generosity of my dear friend, Shelli...we probably wouldn't have made this trip! (Thank you Shelli!!) I decided to get the kids all dressed up for the trip - and it was a perfect time to get their photos by the trees at the Tavern.

Since they were all SPIFFED up, I decided to try and get the Christmas card photo. So I lined them up at the fire place... and began shooting.

There were a lot of great shots to choose from. However there were a few that I personally liked...but didn't think we should use for our card this year.

This was one of my favorites that we didn't use....

Aren't they cute?

One with "Santa"...

But this one was my favorite. :) They are a mess...but I sure do love them.

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