Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went to Aunt Melanie's house to celebrate with the family. We LOVE to get together with family...and this time we had the opportunity to include GINGERBREAD HOUSE BUILDING as one of our activities. (Oh, my!)

The kids did a fabulous job decorating the houses... they had so MUCH FUN!

I think the onlookers got tired of waiting...but in the end it was worth the wait.

Of course, Daddy could not leave the construction to the kids alone - and in jest, I told him I wanted a chalet or a little cabin.

McCaleb said he built an RV for his gingerbread house. It was sure cute! And he did it mostly all by himself.

Rachel really channelled her inner elf... and truly embraced the theory that MORE is MORE. I think she used at least one of everything on the table!

All in all it was a wonderful day with the best part being the time we were able to spend together. Family is so important to us...and we treasure all our time together.

Oh - and naturally... Tim pulled off the best cabin made out of gingerbread ever... and he even threw in the front porch to boot! I love that man!

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