Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day! 2011

We are so blessed! Just the joy that these children bring to our overwhelming. We started out the morning with Miss Whitley's homemade sourdough cinnamon rolls....oh, yeah... we are blessed. :)

Rachel's "big" gift came in the way of a Brittney she named Lilly. (Gotta love that Santa...always bringing gifts that KEEP ON GIVING....)

A very cool music box for Tim in the shape of a phone with little elves on it. It plays a Christmas song... and is really neat.

Lilly Pearl was tuckered out after her long trip from the NORTH POLE. She was just so happy to have a lap to sit in and get all warmed up. I don't think the poor puppy got to walk at all the first day (or week...)

My munchkins by the Christmas Tree...with and without Lilly Pearl. (Like I said - poor pup.)

Even Briana couldn't help herself... and wanted to hold little Lilly. I honestly don't think her feet hit the ground at all Christmas Day.

Our traditional shot of Briana and her little man, McCaleb. I think the puppy got more attention than he did... and I think he was a wee bit jealous.

Later in the day - for Christmas dinner some of our extended family showed up! Kelvin, Donna and RJ came over as well as Shelli! It was a blast. We had our (not so traditional) Christmas Dinner of two kinds of Lasagna, garlic bread, salad, fruit, and plenty of tasty desserts! It was delicious!

And then - to end our night: the annual poses by the fireplace! Which, of course included Lilly. Look! She's on the floor! Remarkable...

We played games, we played Wii, the men talked coffee (and I mean, they seriously talked about coffee...) and we had a wonderful night! Good friends and family, good food and good fun!

It's one of the reasons I love the holidays so much! I love having everyone over and just spending time together.

The best kids in the world!

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